New Assistants

Open Recruitment New Assistants for Batch 2015


You passed the writing test.
You’re eligible to take the next Assistant Simulation Test.


This test will take place at AJ101 on Friday, August 25th 2017 based on your shift. It is recommended to come 10 minutes before your shift starts.

In this test, you will simulate as an assistant to explain the DSTL Labwork (theoretical explanation). You only have 12 minutes for each practicum. After you complete explaining one practicum, you have to move to the next practicum, and so on until you finish five practicum of the Labwork. To know more about the Labwork, you can click here.

Be Prepared and Good Luck!

Contact Person:
Dhiya Irfano A. (0877 8821 9597)
line: irfanoaz