About Us

Electrical Energy Conversion Laboratory or commonly known by LAB KE is one of the laboratories in Power System Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, FTI-ITS. This laboratory was headed by Mr. Hery Suryoatmojo, S.T., M.T., Ph.D. and has several professional member consist of lecturer, Postgraduate member and assistant (Undergraduate Student). This Laboratory act as Center of Research, Center of Education and Community and Dedication for any societies in the field of Electrical Energy Conversion. To perform its functions, Lab KE focuses on three major activities that include LAB TEACHING, RESEARCH, and TECHNOLOGY IMPLEMENTATION.


This Laboratory is also equipped with several facilities which include in following:
1. Basic Electrical Energy Conversion System,
2. Electrical Machinery (Transformer, DC Machine and AC Machines include synchronous generator and induction motor),
3. Power Electronics (DC-DC, AC-DC, DC-AC, and Variable Speed Drive),
4. Renewable Energy (Photovoltaic, Fuel Cell, and Wind Turbine at 1 kW capacity each).


All research in Electric Energy Conversion Laboratory come from student final project, postgraduate student dissertation, and department-industry/enterprise corporation that handled professionally under competent lecturer supervisory.

Our research subject focused on several topics which include in following:
1. Renewable energy
2. Power Electronic
3. Electrical Machinery


Our lecturer came from various education backgrounds and experiences that make Electric Energy Conversion Laboratory versatile and reliable problem solver on project, and research.


Labwork Assistant

Our labwork assistant consist of undergraduate students from batch 2012, batch 2013, and batch 2014. Their main purpose is to support lecturing process and research. More

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